Wellness. Fitness. Mindfulness.

It's all in a day's work at Crunch.

Crunch Fitness Corporate Memberships are not just a gateway to fitness, but a powerful catalyst for an all-round healthy lifestyle. We strive to foster a thriving culture of physical vigor and mental resilience, fortifying team spirit in the workplace. We're about sparking an unprecedented level of engagement, empowering your employees to step into their mightiest selves. With Crunch, fitness becomes more than a pursuit - it becomes a way of life!


of employees ranked Health & Wellness benefits as "extremely important," prioritizing it over retirement savings, leave, family care, and transportation benefits.
Employers, with 100 or more workers, who provide notable Health & Wellness benefits saw a positive ROI of. . .
to factors like higher work productivity, and reduced spending on recruitment and retention.

Elevating team health & vitality, one workout at a time.

    With every Perks Partner account, unlock the full spectrum of Crunch's extraordinary offerings! Enjoy the privilege of inviting a friend absolutely free, and bask in unlimited access to our globally renowned group fitness & HIIT classes.

    With our premium membership, be invincible! The power to work out spans across the nation with over 400 elite locations at your disposal. Wherever you are, we're there too - ready to fuel your fitness journey in style and strength!
    * Excludes Crunch Select & Signature locations
  • access to premium amenities

    Experience the extraordinary with your Perks Program account! From the fiery flow of Hot Yoga classes to the serene bliss of Hydromassage sessions, we've got it all covered. Touch base with your local Crunch, and unleash the distinctive amenities waiting just for you!
  • achieve higher productivity and morale

    Crush that mid-afternoon lethargy with the electrifying power of exercise. Foster unstoppable momentum, boost mental prowess, and watch your team transform into a powerhouse of productivity.

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Empower your team with the perfect blend of hustle and muscle.
At Crunch Fitness, we don't just promise a workout, we promise a power-packed experience! Experience the ultimate value for your money, before, during, and long after your workout. Our locker rooms aren't just a side note, but a grand orchestra of amenities - showers, lockers, and more. This is more than a gym, it's a fitness haven!
Regardless if you're a lone wolf or a pack runner, our premier series of HIITZone programs are designed to ignite your speed, amplify your agility, unleash your power, and fortify your strength. From fitness rookies to hardened warriors, the HIITZone is your launchpad to unimagined heights. It's the arena where challenges crumble, goals shatter, and bodies metamorphose.
Experience the epitome of luxury with our lavish full-body HydroMassage® bed or capture the perfect sun-kissed glow with our stand-up tanning beds. Immerse yourself in the purifying warmth of our premium dry sauna. We redefine indulgence and turn it into a high-powered wellness journey!